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I have some amazing news. I've got a chance to work with the online shop Shein again. Shein is on my list of favourite online shops, on the first place. It's different from any other online shop I know. Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories ect., are so unique. Every week it got something new and trendy. The quality of every item is amazing what you can see by looking at the photos. In my town, Shein is really popular. Everyone knows about this online shop and about its greatness. When I take a little walk, I always recognize it's clothes on the girls here. Maybe soon you will see a outfit post with me wearing it's clothes. That would be really great and my happines would be overflamed. You can see  some items that I combined, how I personally would wear them. The shoes are so great. I'm in love with the flat mules. What do you think about them? 

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Happy Women's day

Happy Women's day!
Today is the 8th of March and it's time that we,girls, get more atention. Women's day is not about getting gifts from boyfriends or friends and celebrating being borna a girl. It's more about supporting each other. As you were thought in school on the subject history, we women, had a rought journey to have all the rights today to decide what we want to do. We made that right by ourselfs, by supporting each other, if it was up to men in the world, we would be slaves to bare children like in the past. Everyday can be womens day for us because when women support each other, incredible things happen. Because today is our special day, we need to be beautiful and go out and have fun. I found a really great cheap online shop that sells amazing dresses. The shop is JJs House. The dresses are really incredible and I love the evening dresses. They are just perfect for tonights parties. Because it's our day, take your credit card or your dad's or boyfriend's card and buy yourself a beautiful evening dress, because you deserved it. I love especially the sexy ones. They have the sexiness in it but also the elegance. I picked my six favourite evening dresses for you and added them in the post. You can see them below. For every special event, they got the perfect dress for every girl, because they have over 1200 types of dresses. I choosed elegant dresses without any exaggerated details, because they are my favourites. If you love more details, I found many great and fabulous dresses which you can find on their website.  It would be really nice if you could visit their website and pick your favourite dress and tell me why is that dress your favourite one. I can't wait to see your comments and dresses. 

Two of my favourite clothing pieces

I don't know if I'm boring you with all the wishlists, but please be patient till the next outfit post. The weather is really bad for me to take good photos for you. So, that you don't get bored waiting for it, I want to present you with various online shops that I never mention before. The one shop that I want to mention today is YOINS. I have some clothing pieces which I ordered 3 years ago. They are even now in my closet and I wear them from time to time. That shows how good the quality is. Do you have some favourite clothing pieces? If yes, then which ones and why? Mine are various tops and dresses. If I have a great and beautiful top on me or a dress, than my outfit is complete. The first thing people see on you is your face and a good top or dress can highlight it even more.There are so many various fashion tops online which look really amazing. I picked some for you below from YOINS. YOINS has also really gorgeous sexy dresses for women. Below are some examples for you. Do you like them?

FashionMia Dresses

Hello my dear readers!

How was your weekend? I've got something new for you. You know how much I love dresses. My closet is full of dresses in every shape, colour and print. I thnik that every girl needs at least 2-3 dresses. They can save your day. It's so easy to put a dress on and look fabulous without having to think how to combine, like for example, pants and a blouse. The shop which inspired me to write a post about dresses is FashionMia. Their fashion dresses truly look fantastic. There is something for you out of every style. I have a small waist and bigger hips. Girls with a body shape like mine can understand the difficulties to find a dress which fits great on the waist and the hips. Because of that, my favourite dresses are the bodycon dresses. There are so many beautiful bodycon dresses online, like on FashionMia. You have to have at least one. From so many beautiful dresses that they offer, I picked some out for you to see. I hope you will like the ones I picked and if not, then visit FashionMia and find your own perfect dress.