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How are you everyone?
Have you noticed my new blog theme? It was about time to change it. Changes are good and they are the begining of something new. So, what are you doing today? I was watching some youtube videos about lace front wigs which are looking great. BestHairBuy has really fabulous  lace front wigs. You must see them. There are gorgeous ones and really trendy. Some of them look exactly like the hair styles which the celebrity has, like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicky Minaj ect. And you definetly know that the celebrities are wearing also wigs. If you want to know how to take care of a wig than read the next tipps I wrote for you.


Wholesale AIRTRACK

Air track mat provides you warm and safe floor exercise in the cold winter.
 You probably feel lazy in winter and are not willing to go out for exercise, as in a cold winter, it is the best idea to stay indoors and lie on your warm bed. However, why not think of getting a perfect air track mat from air tumbling track to make your dream of practicing indoors come into truth. Imagine that you can do gymnastics exercise on the warm and safe air track mat, how wonderful you might experience in such a cold winter, no matter you are a kid or an adult. As we know, air track mat was designed on the needs of gymnastics athletes who require a soft and flat place on floor exercise. Air track mat is a need in gymnastics class, you can perform various kinds of movements on it which is required by your coach, air track mat is good enough to support you and withstand any impact produced by your body during your training. Given that you are not willing to go out for a gymnastics class, exercising at home with the air track mat becomes eased and enjoyable in the cold winter. Air track mat provides a safe and padded surface that assures you to execute any sophisticated movements such as tumbling, rolling, jumping or special motions. You can practice what you learned in repetitive times until you master it well, the mats create home gym which makes you feel like practicing in the class, if one day, you have an opportunity to participate in a gymnastics contest and get high scores, you will appreciate much that you own such a great air track mat.


Early summer vibes

Hello my dear readers. 
What's up? Are you in the mood for chilling on the beach and getting your skin tanned? I can't wait for the summer to finaly arrive. Aside the chilling and sunbathing, I can't wait to watch the beautiful stars in the warm summer nights. I literaly have these daydreams for a week now, so I've got some early summer vibes which I wanted to show you today. The month May and June are the most stressing months for me, so I thought I would take a little break and do the work a little bit slower. So I did that and I'm feeling refreshed and calm now. Sometimes it's okay to take a rest from the obligations or just take them a little bit slower. I just got to learn that this week and trust me, for once in a while, I will just make myself a little vacation. Time is precious and we need to make that time full of happiness and beautiful memories and not only thinking about work or school. I will never be twenty again, so I need to make the best memories at this age, and new ones on other ages. On the end of this post, you will se the person who inspired me to make a blog and which made me know what a true friend is and should be like. That's my best friend Merima. We know each other for 6 years now. I remember how we started to be good friends in high school. I did and said all sorts of dumb things and she was the one who always looked me like I was the dumbest person ever. I was scared of her, like most people who didn't know her. We got to talk more and I was so suprised that she was a really funny and kind person. I've got to love her more and more. After that we did everything toghether, when one of us got new friends, the other one got them too. Together we met all sorts of people, good or bad ones and our bond just got stronger as we went trought the hardshipps toghether. Last year there was a time when we had a little distance between us and that was my fault because I couldn't see what's important in life. She forgave me and I love her and treasure her even more now. I wanted to take some photos with her, to bring some of those memories back when she was a blogger. My second post ''Glitter everywhere'' has some photos of us and our blogger begining. Sadly she doesn't have a blog now, but I will convince her maybe to make one again. I hope you will like her and her elegant style. I would like to hear a short story from you and your best friend, so please write it down on the comment section.

Zdravo moji dragi čitatelji.
Šta ima? Jeste li raspoloženi za opuštanje na plaži i za sunčanje? Jedva čekam da nastane ljeto više. Pored opuštanja i sunčanja, jedva čekam gledati zvijezde kada dođe topla ljetna noć. Ovu sanjariju imam već sedmicu dana, pa sam dobila rane ljetne vibracije koje sam vam htjela pokazati. Mjeseci maj i juni su za mene najstresniji, pa sam pomislila da sebi napravim malu pauzu ili da radim malo sporije. To sam i uradila, pa se osjćam sada osvježeno i opušteno. Ponekad je lijepo odmoriti se od obaveza ili polako ih prihvatati. To sam naučila ove sedmice i vjerujte mi, ponekad ću dati sebi mali odmor. Vrijeme je dragocijeno i trebamo to vrijeme ispuniti srećom i lijepim uspomenama, a ne samo razmišljati o poslu ili školi. Neću više nikada imati dvadeset godina, zato trebam vrijeme iskoristiti i napuniti ove godine sa lijepim uspomenama, i iduće drugim. Na kraju posta ćete vidjeti osobu koja me je inspirisala da napravim blog i koja me je naučila šta je pravi prijatelj i kakav treba da bude. To je moja najbolja prijateljica Merima. Znamo se već šest godina. Sjećam se kako smo počele biti dobre prijateljice u srednjoj školi. Radila i govorila sam sve vrste glupih stvari i ona me je uvijek gledala kao da sam najgluplja osoba ikada. Plašila sam je se kao i svi ostali koji je nisu poznavali. Počele smo pričati i bila sam iznenađena kako je vesela i dobra osoba. Počela sam je sve više i više voljeti. Poslije toga smo sve radile zajedno. Kada bi jedna od nas dobila novo društvo, to društvo je imala i druga. Upoznale smo zajedno sve vrste ljudi, dobre ili loše ljude i naša veza je postajala sve jača kako smo prolazile kroz poteškoće zajedno. Prošle godine je bilo jedno vrijeme kada smo imale malu distancu između nas i to je bila moja krivica, jer nisam mogla vidjeti šta je u životu bitno. Oprostila mi je i volim i čuvam je sada još više. Htjela sam da napravim s njom par slika, da vratim uspomene kada je bila bloggerka. Moj drugi post ''Glitter everywhere'' ima neke slike s nama i našim počecima kao bloggerke. Nažalost nema više bloga, ali nagovoriti ću je možda da ga opet ima. Nadam se da će vam se ona i njen elegantni stil svidjeti. Voljela bih da čujem kratku priču o vama i vašem/oj najboljem/oj prijatelju/ici, zato molim vas napišite je ispod posta na prostoru za komentare.


Why are wigs good for you?

Hello my beautiful readers.
How are you doing? I hope you saw my last outfit post ''Find happiness in the small things''. Today, I'm going to talk about BestHairBuy wigs again. Last time, I talked about virgin hair that is made of natural hair which was never dyed, colored, bleached ect. I also said that the most popular wigs are the brazilian hair wigs. So, today I will talk about wigs, not only the black coloured wigs, also wigs in different colours. My hair is brighter on the ends, it's almost blond. So if I buy extensions, they should be like the ends of my hair. Thanks to BestHairBuy's great selection of hair extensions and wigs, I can find the perfect colored hair extension for me. I love curly hair. My hair is natural straight and I think that's the reason for loving curly hair. I just want to have my hair like that naturally. BestHairBuy has great curly hair wigs which can make me have that wanted curly hair. The best thing is that it looks so naturally. No one would say that's a wig. But not only the curly hair looks great. The beautiful natural wave hair is my favourite. It' so girly, just like I love it. I miss my long hair just because these waves which I could make with a hair iron. I saw that BestHairBuy has some really beautiful natural wave wigs and extensions. Of course also in every color you want. I don't know how much you heard about wigs and hair extensions, but they aren't so bad. I started to really want them, because they are so usefull and can make every outfit great. Many stars like Katy Perry use wigs all the time. It's really a normal fashion piece. You can not damage your own natural hair, if you use wigs to have blond hair sometimes, or any other hair color you want. I will never damage my hair by coloring it, when I have such natural looking wigs to buy and if I get bored of having blond hair, I just can take the wig off and have my healty natural hair. Isn't that fantastic? I will tell you, you should really find some time and read more about this theme and also view many reviews of girls using hair wigs and extensions. You will see, there are only positive comments. I picked some examples of BestHairBuy's wigs, so I hope you will like them.