Hello dears,

Here is my second post. I have decided. I'm going to be a blogger ! Wish me luck.
For my second post I wanted to show you my elegant side. I have changed a lot from the last post. Not only my hairstyle changed, everything around me is different. I felt more like an adult these past few days as you can see it on the photos.

So, I love everything that glitters. It makes you feel like you're catching everyones attention.
My diamond print dress and my glitter heels are perfect together, also my glitter bag is an great accessories for this outfit. It was a great day for taking pictures and also I had some company with me. My best friend who is also a blogger longer than me and she is amazing. Her name is Merima Kopic. Her blog: www.glaringwaves.blogspot.ba . Follow her !
Hope you are going to like my outfit and I would like you to share some thoughts about it with me.

Photo by Emina Avdic

If you like what I wore then you can buy it here:
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