Born Pretty Store Review

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I came back very quickly with a new post. I will be even more faster with the posts this and the next week because I got many things to show you.
Todays review is for Born Pretty Store.

Because it's the first time I talk about them and work, I will tell you more details about them.
About them: The original inspiration of the name born pretty store comes from proverb “each woman is born pretty”. Combining the aim of providing beauty items to the female, they incorporated it into the name “born pretty”store. Born pretty store is a store intended to provide each ordinary female, whoever they are, wherever they come from, with the latest fashion items of nail art, make up and outfit, helping them find the best way to dress up, which ultimately push outside their potential beauty to the fullest. The website has gained thousands upon thousands of registered customers from all over the world, leading up to millions of sales per month. They offer world wide free shipping and have already shipped to more than 150 countries including United Sates, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Korean, etc. Here is a list of reasons for trusting Born pretty store as your reliable source of beauty items, nail art supplier, or business cooperator: 
1.Outstanding brand acknowledgment.
2.Competitive products
3.Excellent shopping platform
4.Excellent Customer Experience
5. Effective Order Process System
6. Excellent Team Work

Earrings I/ Earrings II/ Bracelet

Here is my opinion.
So, as you see on the photos. I ordered the bracelets, and earings. They came in 3 weeks without problems and they look exactly the same like on the photos. The earrings and the bracelets are very beautiful. My favourites are the feather like earrings. They are really an eye chatch. The triangle earrings are also very beautiful and cool. It's easy to combinate them with outfits because they are ordinery gold earrings but also an eye chatch because of their shape. I have so many gold colored jewelry, because of that I ordered this set of bracelets in the color silber. They are very beautiful and easy to combinate too. I wore them many times. They started to be my favourite jewelry.
I'm very impressed about Born Pretty Stores nicenes and goodnes. I hope you will too!

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