Wishlists: GAMISS & ZAFUL

Wishlist time before the new outfit post!
Today I'm going to show you two wishlists. The items are from GAMISS and ZAFUL.

GAMISS has great one piece swimmsuits for you. Swimmsuits for woman are very important for summer. It doesn't matter how your body shape is, GAMISS has for every woman the perfect swimmsuit. I picked my favourite swimmsuits and also other items from GAMISS which you can see below. 

ZAFUL: ''Three-year anniversary''

Great news my dear readers! ZAFUL will have three-year anniversary soon and that promises you great deals. I can't belive how three years just came soo soon. I remember the first time when I saw the online shop ZAFUL on the site Polyvore three years ago and now I'm working long term with them. I'm so thankful for everything till now. They are really amazing and great. My favourite shop and I will always recommend you to visit it. I will list every post I made about their site here so you can see all the items I got from them. I will list also other items that cought my eye on their site which I will maybe order one day. It would be great if you could visit and see it's greatness yourself. 
My previous posts with ZAFUL