Two of my favourite clothing pieces

I don't know if I'm boring you with all the wishlists, but please be patient till the next outfit post. The weather is really bad for me to take good photos for you. So, that you don't get bored waiting for it, I want to present you with various online shops that I never mention before. The one shop that I want to mention today is YOINS. I have some clothing pieces which I ordered 3 years ago. They are even now in my closet and I wear them from time to time. That shows how good the quality is. Do you have some favourite clothing pieces? If yes, then which ones and why? Mine are various tops and dresses. If I have a great and beautiful top on me or a dress, than my outfit is complete. The first thing people see on you is your face and a good top or dress can highlight it even more.There are so many various fashion tops online which look really amazing. I picked some for you below from YOINS. YOINS has also really gorgeous sexy dresses for women. Below are some examples for you. Do you like them?


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