Gladiator sandals

Good news everyone! My outfit post is going to be published in a few days. I can't wait to show you the great items. Okay, so I will start this post with one question for you. Do you make plans and buy items for the coming season beforehead? I usually buy items for the coming season and when the season comes, I already start to see which trends are for the next season. Like today, I found out that gladiator sandals are going to be a new trend next season. I saw on instagram that the ancient egyptian style will be popular the next season. That means colourfull prints and various shapes, and of course gladiator sandals. I usually don't follow so much trends, but this one got my attention. A great online shop whose name is FSJ Shoes has so many of this kind of sandals. I'm thinking to buy some black gladiator sandals because I can combine them with every colour. I picked some sandals from FSJ Shoes which you can see below. I have three months to buy at least three different sandals for every occasion which will be on summer. For formal occasions, I would wear golden gladiator sandals. Of course with a high heel. And the third kind of sandals which I would like to buy, are the everyday sandals with a flat heel and of course they should be comfortable. What about you? Which sandals would you buy? 


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