Summer vibes

Do you feel the sun on your skin,the smell of the beach and the salt? If yes, then the summer vibes got you really hard, just like me. I started to imagine many outfits and maybe this year I'm going to be braver and make a review in a bikini. What do you think? Should I? The bikinis look amazing on ZAFUL. I just can't decide anymore which one I would like to be mine. They inspire me to make my body a little bit fitter so they could fit me better. ZAFUL has a big bikini promotion for you. I picked some examples below for you to see. I love bright bikinis with various prints, but one color bikinis are also great. I already have two bikinis from zaful in two different prints. Maybe I will order a black one this time, just to have a sexy one. I saw so many celebrities wearing black swimsuits, even if they are skinny or not, they look so sexy. I always say, I want that too! It would be really great if I could inspire other girls like that, but if I want to do that I should start doing something that inspires. Thanks to ZAFUL's clothes I always get an inspiration to write you something that's in my mind and thanks to that I start to change myself to be someone that can help others not only with words, with actions too. Clothes aren't just clothes. They are like the eyes. They show what we got in ourselfs, what we love and want. You can see if a girls is in love by looking at her eyes, but the eyes aren't the only ones that show the love in her. She starts to wear bright colours, expecially pink or red. She looks even more beautiful than before, because she trys to be beautiful to get the loved one attention. That's something that inspires me to do this blog. I try to write what I feel when I wear the outfit from the post, so that you can that the clothes I wear, are not only clothes, they are a part of me which helps me to show you guys who I am. ZAFUL is a big help here, because most of my clothes are from them. It has really great pieces of clothing which you can use to express yourself. Visit www.zaful.com see it.

Please contact kira@zaful.com for cooperation.

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