Rosegal's 5th Anniversary

I have big news for you! The online shop Rosegal I talked about on my posts is 5 years old. That means it exists for 5 years now and because it's its 5th anniversary, they got amazing deals for you to celebrate their birthday. You can win great coupons and in the end of my post you can find a discount code so you can order something and save some money at the same time. Of course the site has sales for you which you can't miss. I worked with rosegal before and thanks to them I got really beautiful clothing pieces in my closet. I was really happy when I got to know that I can write a post about them again. It's time for me to order some new items from Rosegal and make reviews. I couldn't deciede between two dresses so I ordered both of them and got the idea of making a post with two similar looking dresses. I hope you will be patient and wait for the day I make that post. The dresses look very beautiful and cute in the photos, I hope they will be like that live, but as I know Rosegal, they will be amazing. Because my future review about Rosegal will be about girly cute dresses, I decieded to pick some cute dresses and show you them here. The first two dresses are the ones I ordered. What do you think, will they suit me? Don't forget to find the discount code on the end of the post.
 Pink flower dress
Blue flower dress
 Boho dress
Purplish blue boho dress
Black flower dress
Lace dress

Discount code: RGMine (over $25 save $3,over $50 save $6, over $100 save $12 ..)


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