It's never late to find yourself

How are you doing, my dears? 
Here I am. Again. I had plenty of time to think about the way I was going to make my next posts and I can't wait to show you all. I've learned so much from the people in the place I spent my time with and I'm forever grateful for everything. I could write you novels about how your views on the world should look like, your hopes and dreams, but I would just bore you with it and lets be real no one would listen anyways, because everyone learns the best from his own experiences. You will find yourself just after you overcome your good and bad experiences. You choose for yourself how you are going to make your life better and the way you are going to look at it. I'd wish for everyone of course, that its optimistic. I can affect it only this much in where I write posts of how I see and think about certain things, but its still on you how you are going to take my advice, or maybe something else that suits your more. I've learned that everything happens for a reason and that everyone acts like they do for a reason. A man learns something new every day. We learn from each other, by observing each other, by going through same situations, where everyone acts out different. A man is his own best guide. Some factors, like other people, can influence on him, but only to a certain extent, in which he forms his own character and goals. And one important thing is, if you haven't found yourself yet, it will come. Like we say, everyone is different and we all find ourselves in different ways. Everyone will have their moment, where they will feel relief, love and happiness. It's never too late to find yourself. And its normal that it demands bad, but good experiences in life too, which everyone has to go through.

Kako ste mi dragi moji?
Evo me. Tu sam ponovo. Imala sam mnogo vremena da razmislim o tome kako ću uraditi moje sljedeće postove i jedva čekam da vam sve pokažem. Toliko toga sam naučila od ljudi iz mjesta gdje sam bila i mnogo sam im zahvalna na svemu. Mogla bih vam sada pisati romane o tome kako da gledate na svijet, svoje želje i ciljeve, ali samo bih vas smorila i ako ćemo realno o tome, nećete me ni poslušati, jer svako uči iz svojih odluka i činova. Sami ćete sebe pronaći poslije dobrih i loših doživljaja u životu. Sami za sebe ćete odlučiti kako želite da učinite svoj život boljim i kako ćete posmatrati čitav svijet, voljela bih da je naravno pozitivno, ja mogu uticati samo malo na to i to tako da vam napišem kako ja razmišljam i posmatram sve, a do vas je da li ćete osjećati isto kao ja ili možda ipak nešto drugo što vama više paše. Naučila sam da je sve u životu s razlogom i da je svako onakav kakav jeste sada sa razlogom. Čovjek uči svaki dan nešto novo, a osoba ili bolje reći osobe od kojih učimo svi jesmo mi. Učimo jedni od drugih, gledajući jedne druge, prolazeći kroz neke situacije gdje svako drugačije odluči i želi. Čovjek je sam sebi učitelj, na njega mogu samo uticati neki faktori poput drugih ljudi, ali ne toliko da ih posluša, već da sam stvori svoj karakter i želje. I još nešto što je važno jeste da ako niste sebe do sada pronašli, misleći na ciljeve, želje i život koji bi voljeli da imate, pronaći ćete nekada. Kao što kažem svi smo različiti i svi se pronalazimo drugačije. Neko ranije, neko kasnije. Doći će svakom njegov trenutak gdje će osjećati olakšanje i ljubav i radost što je baš takav kakav jeste. Nikad nije kasno da se pronađete, i taj pronalazak traži vrijeme i dosta loših ,ali i dobrih događaja u životu koje svaka osoba mora da proživi.

What kind of post would this be, if I wouldn't talk about the clothes I'm wearing in it. Hereby I want to apologize to ZAFUL for making this post later than intended. With all the reasons, being in my last post "New Place, New Dreams", I didn't have the time to make it earlier. Like you already know, if you follow my blog and instagram, ZAFUL is one of my favorite online stores and my post of course has to have something from them. I'd call my self a true #zafugirl. Today's post includes a bikini from them and a gorgeous skirt, which fits perfect with it. The bikini is fantastic and ZAFUL is well known for their bikinis. They a big variety of them and the prices are just too good to be true. I'd recommend you to check them out. Especially now since they are on sale, because summer is almost over.
 You will notice on my last photos, that I keep wearing my sandals and no boots. I wanted to show you these delightful, elegant sandals which I got, including a bag, from AMICLUBWEAR. Just like ZAFUL, AMICLUBWEAR is another one of my favorite online stores. The prices are amazing, and the quality of the shoes for them are way too good.

Kakav bi bio post ako ne pričam malo o odjeći koju nosim na sebi. Ovim putem ću se izviniti ZAFUL-u što sam post prilično kasno objavila, jer zbog svojih razloga koje sam navela u prošlom postu '' New Place, New Dreams'' nisam uspjela prije. Kao što već znate ako ste me pratili na blogu i instagramu, ZAFUL je jedna od mojih omiljenih online trgovina i naravno post mora imati barem nešto od njih. Proglasila bih se kao #zafulgirl. Današnji post sadrži bikini koji je naravno od njih i predivna suknja koja se baš divno uklopila u moju ideju ovog posta. Bikini je fantastičan i ZAFUL je baš poznat po svojim bikinijima, jer imaju najljepše od svih koje sam vidjela, a i cijene su top. Preporučujem vam da pogledate pogotovo sada kada su akcije, jer je već ljeto prošlo.
Primjetiti ćete da na zadnjim slikama imam sandale, a ne čizme. Htjela sam da vam pokažem divne elegantne sandale koje sam dobila od AMICLUBWEAR i torbicu uz njih. Kao što mi je ZAFUL omiljena online trgovina , tako je i AMICLUBWEAR. Cijene su super, a kvalitet obuće koji dobijete je savršen uz to.

That would be all for today. I did not want to burden you with a lot of text, because the pictures alone say a lot of the change I experienced in finding myself. I hope and wish for you all, that you all are happy and pleased with yourself and that you show that with pride. 

I will write to you soon. Can't wait to read your comments. 

Kisses, Amra.

To bi bilo to za danas. Nisam želila da vas mnogo opterećujem tekstom, jer slike same govore i pokazuje moju promjenu i način na koji ističem da sam napokon pronašla se i shvatila kakva sam i šta želim u životu. Nadam se i mnogo želim svima da su sretni sa sobom i da to pokažu s ponosom.

Uskoro vam pišem ponovo i jedva čekam čitati vaše komentare.



Bikini - ZAFUL
Skirt ( Suknja ) - ZAFUL Sold out (Rasprodana)
Sandals ( Sandale ) - AMICLUBWEAR
Bag ( Torba ) - AMICLUBWEAR
The other things (hat,boots,jacket) are bought long time ago in shops which brand aren't popular.
Ostale stvari (šešir, čizme, jakna) su kupljene davno i u trgovinama čija marka nije popularna.

New place, new dreams

Hello my dear readers and friends. 

How are you doing? I'm really sorry for not posting for so long. I was laying in the sun and got the idea to write you why I'm not so active these past four weeks. I got a nice summer job in Germany again, so I started packing and finishing things to go there and start to work like last year. This year is something a little bit different. Last year I was a waitress in a restaurant for two months and it was hard but also amazing and fun. I met great people with who I'm still in touch with. I wanted to work there this year too but sadly I was a little bit late with emailing my chef, so there was no more spot left for me. I was sad, but luckily a woman, who I recently just met and who went to Germany to work there, found me a job. I made a joke to her, that if she has work for me too I would gladly accept it. Few weeks after that, she called me and found me a job. I was so happy and amazed that a woman who I just met found me a job. My friends went also somewhere far this summer, so that was a perfect chance for me to test myself and also learn the language more. The job is to take care of an older woman for some time, so her daughter could go to a vacation. All I need is to take care of the woman whose name is Rosa, like the flower rose, and do the house chores like cleaning and cooking. That's not a big problem for me because I do that at home too. I accepted it and after few weeks I finally went to them. I only met them on camera before and thought how they look so friendly and happy. After I went out of the airport, I saw them standing and waiting for me. They had a big smile on their faces what made me relaxed and my nervousness go off a little bit. They were super nice and cute too. I never had a chance to meet my grandparents so that I could remember them. They all passed when I was very little. So when I saw Rosa, the woman with who I will be for the next few weeks, I felt the love that grandchildren feel for their grandparents. The place where they live and where I will live for the next few weeks is Göggingen and before we went there, we stopped to eat in a beautiful restaurant with an amazing view on the lake Bodensee (You will see some photos I made below). The daughter of Rosa is amazing. Her name is Carmen and after our first little talk I just thought about how similar we are. When I talk about something I do now and talk about wishes and dreams I have, she always says: "I had that too". Her dream was to be happily married and have four children, but it didn't happen so. That didn't stop her from making new dreams. She started to travel around the world and she has seen so many beautiful things that you can only imagine. When she talks about that I just get more and more the wanting to do the same and I definitely will after I graduate from collage. I also love the way she lives and loves the nature. I love the way she thinks that everyone has a good side even though they did bad things. Carmen is very artistic. Her painting are amazing and colorful. When I look at her paintings I can feel a warm and happy feeling coming from them. She also writes and is a designer. As you see the art just flows in her veins. I only knew her for three weeks now, but she became someone I admire so deeply and would love to be like that someday. Rosa, her mother, is a really charming and happy woman as well. She is old, but stronger than anyone I know. Sometimes I think she takes more care of me than I do of her, because she is a very caring and lovely person. When I see Carmen how she is, I know that Rosa was a really great mother. They did many more things for me, but if I started to write everything, it would take me a day. Anyway, I went little bit of the theme, but that´s fine. I just wanted to write my feelings for these two women I met. I will be with them a little bit longer, so I can't make outfit posts till I come home. That will be on the September 16th. In other words one more month. I hope you will be patient till then.
 Lake Constance
 Me with Rosa



 Bikini - ZAFUL

 I didn't want this post to be a review, but I can´t resist and tell you about one item here on the photos. It´s the bikini I got form ZAFUL. It's so lovely and you know that yellow is a color which describes happiness. I never thought of it doing a review of a bikini, because I think that my figure isn't so nice, but because of that, everything I told you about to love yourself would be a lie. I learned something new recently and that is something Carmen said to me. Every girl should love herself and be proud of what she is and will become. It's normal sometimes to have a complex about your body or something else in your life, but don't let it take your happiness. If you have something on you what you don´t like, then start to love it. I started it with two photos in a bikini, how will you start to love it? I'm going to do a proper review about the bikini when I come home where I will add some more items from ZAFUL. If you haven't found the perfect bikini for this summer, try to find it on ZAFUL. I recommend it for you.

 I bought a new dress.

I will end the post now and I wish you a great summer. You will hear about me in September then when I come back. Don't forget, let no one stop you from dreaming big!