Free Shipping & 12/12 Sales Promotion From DressLily

Coupon: DLBF25

DressLily is a global fashion online shopping site, selling Fashion Dresses, Home Decoration and Accessories. Recently, DressliLy reached me via email, stated that they are offering an up to 90% off discount and free shipping for any price range instead of Free shipping above $39. It is right at the moment, I was frustrated because I want special Christmas decoration from others, and I assume that people may wonder how’s the quality when are they’re relatively cheap, then I decided to give it a shot. The shipping is mailed quickly, which is faster than similar kinds of sites. The moment I got my package, I realized I have to share my experiences with everyone.

DressliLy not only provided a 25% off coupon and apply free shipping to World Wide. But also a celebrated activity for 12/12, two purchase for $19.99 by any of the following products. These promotions are only available between 12th -17th Dec. Personally, I do not usually online shopping from an email advertisement, where as DressliLy gave me a great experience of online shopping at a reasonable price!
Here is what I purchased from DressliLy.com and can’t wait to try them because they are so cute! I am going to stop writing here because I really need to outline how to decorate my house with the Christmas items I got from them.

Overall Rating
- Service: ****
- Delivery: ****
- Quality: ****

Cold Shoulder Crisscross Tunic Sweater                                                         Knotted Cut Out Sweater
$17.8 $15.3                                                                                                             $14.05  $11.55
Recommend Rating ★★★★★                                                               Recommend Rating ★★★★

Sleeveless Tartan Skater Dress                                                                    Vintage Printed Flare Dress
$14.05 $11.55                                                                                                       $21.36 $16.36
Recommend Rating ★★★★                                                                     Recommend Rating ★★★★


  1. What amazing sales Going to check it out straight away Thanks babe xoxo Cris


  2. Thanks for sharing babe! <3
    Have a nice day!