Dresslily Christmas inspiration

Hello dears,
Christmas is coming soon and the spirit is already here. If you are not sure what you could wear on Christmas, I have some ideas. As you know I cooperated with Dresslily few times and I was always happy with the things I ordered. This time I was looking for a dress for Christmas and I found so many. I wanted to share some with you so you get the ideas for your Christmas. You can see below some of the dresses I picked and also their links. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Simple, but beautiful

As you know me, I always start to write about how you should be or how I changed. Today I want to write something new. It's a very important topic these days for me, but definitely also for others. I spent my last 2 summers working in Germany. This year I spent my summer relaxing in the nature. I was chilling some time on my weekendhouse near a river where I spent my childhood. I have some really beautiful memories of that place which I will never forget. But I started to notice how everyday someone throws their trash in the river. The shore of the river also has everywhere trash like bottles, plastic and glass. I got angry at us humans. I know that this river is a place for everyone, an important place which is free for people to use it and swim in it and enjoy the summer, but people started acting like the trash they throw away in it. They just keep leaving their stuff there. When I hear someone complaining how the river isn't as clean as before, I want to scream ''why is that so?''. After I heard about the Amazon rainforest and how the media or the wealthy people ignore it, how it burns down, I just had to write something about it. I know really good when I was a grade schooler, they teached us how the nature is important, we live thanks to the nature, and also not to leave our trash where it doesn't belong. Are we humans so stupid to destroy our nature to ''make a better world''? A ''better world'' where we can't live because we don't have enough clean air because there aren't so many trees and plants to make the air clean? My answer is: YES, WE ARE. I could criticize the human species the whole day, but an answer how to change things won't come out of that. I learned from my friend, who is a very smart girl and also refreshing, that everyone should start with themselves. That means starting to change themselves to be better, first of all for them and than for others if it's possible. If you change yourself to be a better person, that would mean you would be a better person for the nature too. You would pay attention to some small simple things which would help the nature to stay as it is or be even better. Not everyone is meant to do big things and no one expects you to do so. Sometimes simple, small and unnoticed things can do so much. As an example, if everyone would trow their trash after spending a day in the nature in places where trash belongs like trashcans, the nature would be more beautiful. That's just one simple thing which would make a big change. Everyone knows what karma is, but they always compare it with negative things. Karma can also be positive. If you do good, good will come to you. Simple and true.

Vintage Soul

'' Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself, inside and out. ''

- Audrey Hepburn

 Today's style is inspired by the time between the 40's and 50's. Of course I didn't copy the whole style. I did add my touch of style in it, with the blouse I got from Dresslily and the mixing of two prints. As you can see, I got a new haircut and after it I started to love the old fashion. Isn't it interesting how a little change can change your whole look. I love the way of changing my looks because it doesn't feel than boring and the same. My opinion is that everyone has more styles, so why show just one, when you can show more.

Eyes, the mirrors of our souls

Hello my dears,
How are you? How is your summer going? These days my inspiration is a little bit bad so I thought so much about it what I could write in this new post. The only thing what came to my mind is a popular quote which I often hear. It's '' Eyes are the mirrors of our souls''. What do you think, is that true? When I meet someone I look carefully into the persons eyes. Now when I think about it better, I do that because somehow the eyes tell me if the person is good or bad or something else. I don't know if the eyes are really mirrors of our souls, but they say something about the person which depends how everyone reads it.  So I got so many eyes on me, what do you think are they telling about me?

Zdravo moji dragi/drage,
Kako ste? Kako vam prolazi ljeto? Ovih dana mi je malo loša  inspiracija , pa sam baš mnogo razmišljala o tome šta bi pisala na ovom novom postu. Jedino što mi je bilo na umu jeste poznata izreka, koju često čujem, a to je '' Oči su ogledalo naše duše.'' Šta mislite, da li je to tačno? Kada nekog upoznajem, gledam pažljivo oči te osobe. Sada kada bolje razmislim, radim to jer mi nekako oči govore da li je osoba dobra ili loša ili nešto drugo. Ne znam baš tačno da li izreka istinita i da su naše oči ogledala naših duša, ali oni zasigurno nešto govore o osobi i to što govore, zavisi od toga kako svaka osoba to shvati i pročita. Trenutno imam baš mnogo očiju na sebi, šta mislite šta oni govore o meni?


Everyone knows the story about the ugly duckling. If we haven't read the story, we have at least seen the movie. The message that this story sends us is that we should be accepting of everyone's being and the diversity among us. All of us are instinctively longing for a place of our true honesty and self, to spread our wings and become the most beautiful swan. Seomebody being different does not make them a less worthy or a bad person. Before accepting someone for their looks, one should first look into their heart. It is a beautiful lesson from a beautiful childrens' story. It is sad that children nowadays don't read stories or watch cartoons like that. In schools, in the streets and even in a family, people raise us to be the same. That's a big mistake. Every single one of us is an invidual person. Everyone should be different and not be laughed at because they do or say different things. When you live in a small town like me, you can see how people react when someone does something different or unexpected. They start to gossip or even make up stories with a lot of predjudices. It hurts me to see and hear that. Why do people do that? The world would be a much better place if people were more tolerant and accepting. I'm thinking that every one of us is the ugly duckling from the story and are trying to find our place in this world, to be loved even if it means doing nothing for ourselves. Somewhere something is waiting for every one of us where we can be our true selves and end up a beautiful swan. A beautiful end like this won't happen to those who try and be like everyone else, because no one can please everyone; everyone is different. That's the point, being different is a good thing. Why do I love watching childrens' movies? It's because these old children movies share many good lessons; life lessons, which you don't really have in standard real-life movies. Some people say I'm childish because of it, someone laughs about it when I say I watch cartoons or anime even though they don't know how much I have learned about life just from these ''childish'' things. I think weak people create predjudice to look strong and to cover their insecurities. That's okay, because as I said, we are ugly ducklings and we need time to become beautiful swans if we allow it and truly start to change ourselves first and then others. The biggest mistake people make in life is trying to change others before they change themselves. An ugly duckling can't help the other one before it helps itself. The ugly duckling learned so much the hard way till he came to it's purpose. He started trying to be like others, but in the end he found out that it's wrong and that he is as he is and how he treats others is more important. If you find yourself, your own true self, happiness will come immediately and also light up your life. Of course it would be nice if your true self would be good, but maybe someone's true self isn't like that and that's okay. Because as I said all of us are individuals with a purpose in this life and to discover this purpose, we should try not to be like others and try to steal theirs.

Svi znamo priču o ružnom pačetu. Ako nismo pročitali priču, barem smo gledali film. Pouka koju bismo trebali izvući iz ove divne priče je, da trebamo prihvatiti drugačije od standarda i svačije različitosti. Svako teži mjestu u kojem može biti iskren i pokazati svoje pravo lice, raširiti svoja krila i postati prelijepi labud poput labuda u priči. Ako je neko drukčiji, ne znači da je loša osoba. Nikada se ne treba voditi nečijem vanjskim izgledom nego njegovim srcem. To je prelijepa lekcija iz prelijepe dječije priče. Baš je žalosno što današnja djeca ne čitaju ili gledaju takvo nešto. U školama, na ulici, pa čak i u porodici nas uče biti isti. To je velika greška. Svako od nas je invidualna osoba. Svako bi trebao biti drugačiji i ne biti ismijan što radi ili kaže nešto drugačije. Ako živite u malom gradu kao ja, možete primjetiti kako ljudi reaguju kada se neko ponaša drugačije ili neočekivano. Počinju tračati pa čak i širiti izmišljene priča sa svojim predrasudama. To me baš boli kada čujem ili vidim. Zašto ljudi rade to? Svijet bi bio mnogo bolje mjesto kada bi ljudi bili tolerantniji. Ja smatram da smo svi ružno pače poput pačeta u priči i da svi tražimo naše mjesto na ovom svijetu, kao što tražimo biti i voljeni iako to znači ništa ne činiti za sebe. Sve nas čeka negdje nešto gdje možemo biti istinski mi i gdje ćemo na kraju postati prelijepi labudovi poput labuda u priči. Ovaj lijep kraj neće biti onima koji se trude biti poput ostalih, jer niko ne može ugoditi drugome, jer smo svi drugačiji. To je i poenta. Trebamo biti drugačiji i to je dobro tako. Zašto volim ponekad gledati dječije crtiće i anime? Zato što baš ti crtići imaju toliko dobre lekcije života koje ne možete pronaći u filmovima za odrasle. Neki ljudi kažu da sam djetinjasta zbog toga i neki se i smiju kada kažem da gledam crtiće i anime iako ne znaju koliko sam toga o životu naučila baš gledajući te '' djetinjaste'' stvari. Smatram čak da slabi ljudi imaju predrasude kako bi izgledali jače i sakrili svoje nesigurnosti. To je sasvim uredu, jer kako sam već rekla, svi smo ružno pače u sebi i treba nam vremena da postanemo prelijep labud, samo ako dopustimo i istisnski počnemo mjenjati najprije sebe pa tek onda ostale. Najveća greška koju ljudi prave u svom životu je to što pokušavaju mjenjati druge prije nego što sebe promjenje. Ružno pače ne može pomoći drugome prije nego sam prvo postane prelijepi labud. Ružno pače u priči je imao toliko težak put i toliko toga je naučio prije nego što je shvatio svoju vrijednost. Počeo je biti poput ostalih, ali na kraju je shvatio da on kao on, kakav je i kako druge tretira je mnogo važnije. Ako se pronađete, ali baš istinski pronađete, sreća će se isti tren pojaviti i takođe svjetlo u vašem životu. Bilo bi stvarno lijepo kada je vaše pravo ja dobro i fino, ali možda kod nekih nije tako, što je zapravo uredu, jer kako sam već rekla, svi smo invidualni i svi imamo svrhu u životu koju ćemo dostići samo ako ne gledamo da budemo kao drugi. 

Magnolia flower

Danima već razmišljam da počnem pisati novi post, ali uvijek me sprječava neki osjećaj koji govori da pričekam još. Taj osjećaj je bio pravi, jer da sam prije počela pisati, ne bih uspjela ovako iz srca napisati ovaj post. Već mjesecima nisam ništa objavljivala niti pisala. To mi teško pada, jer je blog nešto što me usrećuje i pomaže da barem nekad budem maštovita i da ispustim svoju kreativnost pored silnih obaveza koje imam. Teško je odrasti u ovom svijetu gdje moraš da radiš i uskraćuješ sebi sreću da bih uspio nešto u životu, dok drugi koji ništa ne čine, imaju svu tu sreću, a ni sa čim je nisu zaslužili. Gledajući ovako sama sam sebi stvarala negativnu energiju i sebi kvarila dane razmišljajući ''Zašto se toliko trudim, kada ne vidim napredak ili neko svjetlo da mogu pratiti?''. U posljednje vrijeme sam mnogo teških odluka izabrala, gdje su skoro sve bile loše po meni. Sve sam više sebe zapuštala i ono što volim, da bih ostvarila neki cilj u životu koji me neće opet usrećiti, već eto neka barem imam od čega živjeti kako bi stariji ljudi rekli. Pored toga, onaj osjećaj samostalnosti me tjerao da što više radim i sebe psihički i fizički uništavam od pretjeranih obaveza, jer osjećaj neke slobode kada imaš svoj novac i svoju sigurnost, dopušta ti da letiš na trenutak. Niko ne voli biti u kavezu kao životinja, pa se trude ljudi čineći sebe samostalnim izaći iz tog kaveza ne vidjevši da ulaze u drugi koji je sačinjen od rada i obaveza koje zahtjeva ta samostalna sloboda.