Simple, but beautiful

As you know me, I always start to write about how you should be or how I changed. Today I want to write something new. It's a very important topic these days for me, but definitely also for others. I spent my last 2 summers working in Germany. This year I spent my summer relaxing in the nature. I was chilling some time on my weekendhouse near a river where I spent my childhood. I have some really beautiful memories of that place which I will never forget. But I started to notice how everyday someone throws their trash in the river. The shore of the river also has everywhere trash like bottles, plastic and glass. I got angry at us humans. I know that this river is a place for everyone, an important place which is free for people to use it and swim in it and enjoy the summer, but people started acting like the trash they throw away in it. They just keep leaving their stuff there. When I hear someone complaining how the river isn't as clean as before, I want to scream ''why is that so?''. After I heard about the Amazon rainforest and how the media or the wealthy people ignore it, how it burns down, I just had to write something about it. I know really good when I was a grade schooler, they teached us how the nature is important, we live thanks to the nature, and also not to leave our trash where it doesn't belong. Are we humans so stupid to destroy our nature to ''make a better world''? A ''better world'' where we can't live because we don't have enough clean air because there aren't so many trees and plants to make the air clean? My answer is: YES, WE ARE. I could criticize the human species the whole day, but an answer how to change things won't come out of that. I learned from my friend, who is a very smart girl and also refreshing, that everyone should start with themselves. That means starting to change themselves to be better, first of all for them and than for others if it's possible. If you change yourself to be a better person, that would mean you would be a better person for the nature too. You would pay attention to some small simple things which would help the nature to stay as it is or be even better. Not everyone is meant to do big things and no one expects you to do so. Sometimes simple, small and unnoticed things can do so much. As an example, if everyone would trow their trash after spending a day in the nature in places where trash belongs like trashcans, the nature would be more beautiful. That's just one simple thing which would make a big change. Everyone knows what karma is, but they always compare it with negative things. Karma can also be positive. If you do good, good will come to you. Simple and true.

 Maybe now you are wondering how I combined this theme with my photos where I'm reviewing some clothing. You can see in the background a little meadow. That meadow is simple, small and looks like it doesn't have an important task in this world. But no, it has an important task. It makes oxygen which we need to live. If that isn't something important, than what is? A leaf produces about 5 ml of oxygen per hour (more when it is growing). That amount of oxygen in one leaf is too little for a human. 300-500 plants can make the right amount of oxygen to support one human. What does that mean? It means every plant, from the little ones till the big ones, is important. That means this Meadow with many small plants has the right amount to support 4-5 or more humans. When you see what a small meadow can do, what could a forest do. Forests which are going to be destroyed by the humans for making unnecessary things. One day, this meadow and many others will be our only hope to have oxygen. I once said jokingly to my mom how people will start to pay the air they are breathing. When I think about it, that could come one day. My advice is: '' Do simple, think simple, make simple. Because the most beautiful things can happen when you do so. One simple thing can make one day the biggest change in our lives. '' 

The dress I'm reviewing today is from Dresslily. I really love it. It screams summer time so I added a few accessories which suit the dress perfectly. I hope you like the outfit and the message I wanted to share with you.

Thank you all for everything!


Photographer - Emina Avdić

Dress - Dresslily


  1. This dress is so cute ☺

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  2. Hi Amra, you look so pretty. Love your beautiful outfit.

  3. Wonderful photos, still so summery and girly ♥ Love it!

  4. Such a lovely dress and nice photos! You look wonderful!


  5. Beautiful photos and you, of course ♥
    Yeah, the nature is IMPORTANT. However, some people don't respect it and they poison the environment. That what surrounds us is beautiful, but one day it may disappear, we'll miss it.
    Nice post :)

  6. You look very cute in this dress <3

  7. post is amazing! i like your are amazing!

    follow me, i followed u!

    Ilmaha |Zapratite♥️ |

  8. Super important post I agree with everything you said It breaks my heart to know we are destroying nature and amazon is dying It might not have a future for the human race if we do not change on how we treat our stunning planet Your outfit is so gorgeous and all the accessories too xoxo Cris

  9. Koliko su mi divne ove fotografije u prirodi, divna si! :*

  10. Hi Amra, you look so beautiful :D!!!
    Thak you so much for sharing :D!!!

  11. These photographs are all absolutely stunning and you look amazing! I love your outfit a lot.

    Have a great week :)
    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

  12. Wow, this looks amazing!!
    Hugs ♥

  13. Looking so cute in that dress and wedge heels! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

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  15. You look gorgeous in this styling!

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