Rosegal Halloween Sale

Hello my witches!
Why witches? I didn't mean it in a mean way, it's because Halloween is coming. The only time in a year when I and most girls love the scary things. It's a great opportunity to make more amazing styles with your costumes. I love how girls use this time in a year to make a witch or a vampire or werewolf costume more stylish and unique. And the make up artists with their amazing ideas! Am I the only one who goes to Instagram and views every video with halloween make up tutorials? Today I'm going to present you Rosegal Halloween Sale witch is truly fantastic! They have so many cool things and costumes. I added below few of them which I really like. They look really good and perfect for Halloween parties. What do you think? My favourite one is the firebrick hooded dress which remainds me of a disney movie named Tangled where the evil character, a woman,  wears the same dress. My words won't mean so much to you and because of that I recommend you to visit Rosegal and look for yourself what I meant with the compliments. If you deciede to buy something from the Halloween sale, I have a coupon code just for you: RGNancy (offering 12% off  purchase).

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